South Africa Vs Ireland Rugby Betting Preview 2016

South Africa vs Ireland betting preview 2016

Remember that feeling you got when you were 10-years old on Christmas eve? That warm, tingling comfort, mixed with a sense of excitement and expectation, struggling to fall asleep, counting the hours for morning to come, so that you could (finally) rip open your presents, not knowing what awaits in those different sized boxes wrapped in different colours, which you have been eye-balling for so long. Well, fellow Sport Freaks, the bad news is you are no longer young, and it is still far from Christmas. The good news is, if you are a rugby supporter, Christmas has come in June, the anticipation awaits in some mouth-watering fixtures, the different sized boxes refers to the stunning matchups to be found all across the park, and the different paper colours those boxes were wrapped in…well those are the colours, of the 6-teams who will be in action over a span of 3-weeks, horrible metaphors, perhaps? But hey, give us some credit for creativity.

South Africa Vs Ireland

In our 1st instalment of the 3-match preview, series we will be focusing on Ireland vs South, covering Australia vs England and New-Zealand vs Wales on Friday so be sure to check back regularly!

In this preview styled post, which follows below, we will examine which teams are more likely to win, see what the bookmakers handicaps are set at, and look at who the key players are for each team. We also give some good ol’ rugby betting advice (see our rugby betting strategy) for those liking to have a punt, every now and then. We will also provide some guidance to help you analyse whether you should go with or against the spread, or alternatively who you should fancy for a straight up win. So without further redue, we bring to you South Africa Vs Ireland the complete rugby betting preview, and analysis.

Ireland Vs South Africa Betting Preview 2016, Match 1 @ Newlands.

Our first rugby preview is between Ireland vs South Africa, which is arguably the hardest of the 3-matches, of this coming weekend to predict. The last time these two teams met was back in 2014 in Dublin, Ireland. A match which the Irish emphatically outplayed South Africa in, emerging victorious by 14-points on the day.

Ireland has managed to beat the Boks 5-times in the past, however, they (Ireland) have never managed to win on South African soil, in a rugby rivalry which dates back exactly 110-years. Despite this being labelled as an international friendly, there will be nothing friendly about the upcoming series, the Irish will be eager to rewrite the record books, and they’ve got a damn good shot at it, in our opinion. 

Since these two teams last met in 2014 a lot has changed. There has been retirements, a string of disappointing performances for both sides and a regime change for the Boks. We believe it is fair to say both teams are in a sort of rebuilding phase, however, Ireland’s rebuilding has slowly started a couple of years back, a factor which should not be underestimated, since it is likely to play a big role in the outcome of the overall series.

South Africa Weaknesses – Why Ireland Can Win

South Africa June Test Series Squad 2016

Uncharacteristically, South Africa has the most inexperienced squad out of all the teams for the June test series.

In our opinion the biggest handicap South Africa will have going into this test match is inexperience. As we have written last week, new Springbok coach Allister Coetzee has decided to take a complete, opposite approach to his predecessors and opted for a young inexperienced team.

In our opinion Ireland has a number of advantages heading into Saturday’s match which will be played in Newlands, those advantages are:

Ireland has nothing to lose except pride, they have never won on South African soil, this is a sort of end of year tour for them, and they can easily be forgiven for losing against the Springboks. South Africa on the other hand, has everything to lose, lose the 1st match against Ireland, not only will Allister Coetzee’s coaching tenure start as the first Springbok coach to ever lose against Ireland on home soil, but bouncing back from a 0-1 series deficit for a young team will be a monumental task, which will place immense pressure on the young Boks.

Coetzee’s every move will be scrutinised – The South African public has become sick and tired of the old fashioned tactics which have been used by South Africa over the last several years, something which Heyneke Meyer came under intense criticism for. South African rugby supporters have been patiently waiting for a more attacking, ball in hand type of play for years now, and that patience is starting to wear thin. The problem with the above for Allister Coetzee is that, despite being one of the best defensive coaches in world rugby, he is not exactly renowned for his offensive coaching ability, as we have all seen with the Stormers in the past.

Coetzee will be all too well aware of this, and at the moment finds himself between a rock and a hard place. Sticking with the familiar might very well produce some results for him, but the public certainly will not appreciate it, and will force the new Springbok coach to make the same statement like so many coaches before him “it doesn’t matter if it is ugly as long as we get the result.”

Offensive Problems May Still Haunt The Springboks. Delve away from the familiar and try to play more attacking rugby, and it might come back to bite Coetzee, if it is not pretty or effective, as has happened with the Stormers in the past when they tried to change their, much criticised, defensive gameplan! The fact that Mzwandile Stick the backline coach of the worst offensive team in Super Rugby, The Southern Kings, have been appointed South African backline coach, in what can only be described as a mind-numbing move, is also something which does not aid the Springboks cause to evolve into a more attacking team, something which is bound to place even more pressure on poor Allister Coetzee, who would ever want to be Springbok coach?

It is not all doom and gloom – Why South Africa Can Win

Providing the young Boks and Allister Coetzee can absorb the intense pressure, we have mentioned above, the battle will be halfway won. Coetzee is an old timer and one would expect him to be able to absorb the pressure. Furthermore, the general feeling amongst the South African rugby public is cautiously optimistic about Coetzee’s appointment, and one gets the feeling that both SARU rugby administrators and the public alike would be a little more lenient to Coetzee, by giving him a couple of games to find his feet and get things settled.

Despite The Sport Freak believing, Johan Ackermann would have made a better coach in terms of leading the Boks to play a more expansive game, South African rugby supporters can rest assured that Ireland will have a damn hard time breaking through the South Africa’s defensive line under Coetzee’s guidance.

Add to the mix some exciting young players, who is starting to come through the ranks such as Faf DeKlerk, Lionel Mapoe and Ruan Combrink combined with possibly the best lock pairing in the world in Lood DeJager and Eben Etzebeth and an ever improving Patrick Lambie at flyhalf and suddenly things doesn’t seem so doomed for the Springboks, they just need to get that offense working!

Ireland Vs South Africa Bookmakers Predictions

Whether you just enjoy the great game of rugby, compete for bragging rights in a SuperBru league or consider yourself a hardcore rugby better, one thing we always do at The Sporty Freak, when trying to pick a winner, is to have a look at what the different bookmakers are saying about an upcoming game (Ireland vs South Africa in this case) and then compare it to our own analysis.

The Bookies are not always right, but they certainly tend to get a lot more right than wrong. So what are the bookmakers saying about the upcoming test series between South Africa vs Ireland, and who are they favouring?

Interestingly all major bookmakers, including BetVictor, who is offering the best odds for this specific match, are leaning towards a BIG South African win! The odds for Ireland Vs South Africa reads as follow:

  • Straight Up Win: South Africa @1.10 / Ireland @7.00
  • Handicap: South Africa -15  @1.91 / Ireland +15 @1.91
The Sport Freak Recommended Bet

We all know the saying don’t count your chickens before they hatch, but when we examine the above odds we can’t help to think, “damn, there is some serious potential to make some profit with this match.

Fancying a punt on the SA vs Ireland match? You have a number of options at your disposal, to take advantage of some very generous odds currently being offered. We suggest the following:

  • Ireland, for a straight win, is on offer at very generous odds of @7.00 – While we won’t bet our life savings on Ireland beating South Africa, it certainly is not impossible and this is possibly the best chance the Irish ever had! Considering we don’t yet know what Allister Coetzee will bring to the table and how the Springboks will react to his coaching style, combined with a number of, off-field, administrational issues which have been plaguing SA rugby, such as quotas and team selection, if ever Ireland had a chance to beat South Africa in South Africa this is without a doubt their best ever chance, a small bet will result in big returns should Ireland win, certainly worth a gamble in our books. 
  • Handicap Bet Ireland +15 – Possibly the safest and most likely option to succeed, if you are a punter who wishes to play it safe, the +15 handicap option is almost too good to be true. We believe this will be a tightly contest match, and while South Africa on paper, and historically holds the advantage, we just don’t see them winning by more than 15-points against a fighting Irish team. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (Confidence 90%) 
Rugby Idds South Africa Vs Ireland

Rugby odds South Africa Vs Ireland

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