Ireland vs New Zealand Match 2 Prediction


Ireland vs New Zealand Match-2, 19 November 2016, Kickoff 20:00 (SA Time)

Ireland vs NewZealand match 2 PredictionWhat promises to be the match of the weekend, rugby fans around the world will follow the second leg of the Ireland vs New Zealand tour with much interest, since Ireland stunningly snapped the All Blacks 18-match winning streak. Few people gave Ireland a chance in the Chicago fixture, the bookmakers, who rarely gets it wrong, had Ireland at odds of @15.00 for a straight win, we cashed in nicely on that one, since we did mention in our match 1 buildup that Ireland had a real chance, despite many followers laughing at us (see comment section). The million dollar question however is, can Ireland win match 2 of the Ireland vs New Zealand series, and clench back to back wins against the AllBlacks? This is The Sport Freak Ireland vs New Zealand match 2 preview.

Ireland vs New Zealand Match 2 Betting Prediction

There are a couple of reasons why New Zealand lost to Ireland in match 1. We believe it is fair to say complacency mixed with a fair bit of overconfidence is what ultimately led to New Zealand losing. While the AllBlacks were enjoying a party in the USA, Ireland was preparing to make history, by recording their first ever win against New Zealand, and win they did!

It is worth noting this time round, that the AllBlacks will not be caught off guard and it will certainly be a much more focused and clinical New Zealand team who will take to the Aviva Stadium in Dublin on Saturday. However, now that Ireland managed to pull of a victory against the All Blacks they will be full of confidence heading into the New Zealand vs Ireland match 2 fixture, knowing that they (Ireland) do have what it takes to beat New Zealand.  So who will come out victorious?

Ireland vs New Zealand – Keys To The Game.

The first 20 minutes – It can be argued that the first match was won in the first 20-minutes at Soldier Field, since Ireland managed to capitalise on constant New Zealand penalties and poor execution, from which New Zealand could never really recover since, all momentum stayed with Ireland throughout the match. As mentioned, this time round the AllBlacks will be more focused, so don’t expect to see a repeat of careless penalties and uncharacteristically poor execution by New Zealand. With that being said, if Ireland can win the upfront battle, force some mistakes, and put a couple of early points on the board, they will be in with a real shot, especially with home advantage. Thus, we expect the first 20-minutes to be absolutely crucial in this match. Expect to see brutal, physical rugby, especially upfront.

Territory – Whichever team wins the territory battle is likely to win the match. New Zealand kicks A LOT, making opponents play out of their own half and then forcing the mistake. Ireland will need to counter this by smart play, knowing when to hold onto the ball and when to return the kick, when the kick is returned they must damn well ensure it is an accurate kick, returning the favour and making New Zealand play out of their own half while forcing the turnover. Expect to see a lot of strategical kicking from both sides, and whoever executes their kicking the best is likely to come out on top.

Capitalizing on opportunities – You don’t get presented with much opportunities against New Zealand, but by applying sustained pressure opportunities will come. For Ireland to win it is vital that they capitalize on each and every opportunity which comes their way. This means no missed kicks, no handling errors, no unnecessary penalties while on attack. When looking at New Zealand, they have a bit of a problem with kicking for posts, it almost feels insane to criticise Beauden Barrett, but it has recently been revealed by the New Zealand  that Barrett has the worst goal kicking success rate among the top 6 rugby nations. If this is a close match, which we expect it to be, poor goal kicking can come back to bite New Zealand.

Ireland vs New Zealand Prediction

This is going to be a close match, that much we can be sure of. We expect a full on slug fest, with more than a couple of lead changes. With that being said, it is hard to call against New Zealand who will be on a mission to make immense for the Chicago loss, so we expect a New Zealand win but NOT BY MUCH!

Ireland vs New Zealand – what The Bookmakers Are Saying

New Zealand vs Ireland odds & betting preview match 2

NZ vs Ireland Odds & Handicap Match 2, click to bet.

It looks like the sportsbooks have not learned their lesson, and still underestimates Ireland while placing to much trust in New Zealand. This can possibly be attributed to the fact that when setting odds bookmakers rely a lot on historical results and statistics, while not always focusing on the “right now situation” and that is where punters can cash in with this one.

The Bookmakers set the odds for Ireland vs New Zealand as follow:

  • Handicap: 15-points @1.91. Giving Ireland a 15-point start is way to much in our opinion, jump on it before the line moves and the handicap lowers!
  • Straight up win: New Zealand @ 1.10, Ireland @6.50 (the odds for a straight up Irish win has halved since the first fixture, but is stll very long and worth a small punt, if you are brave enough)
Conclusion – Recommended Bet Ireland vs New Zealand

As mentioned above, this is going to be a tight game and we expect New Zealand to win it (just). That 15 point handicap can certainly be used by rugby punters to make a nice little profit.

Take Ireland +15-points @1.91

Predicted Score:

Ireland 21 – New Zealand 30

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