Time To Bath SA Rugby In White Privilege

racism in South African rugbyAt TheSportFreak we like to address issues which politically correct publications, try to steer away from. Today we will tackle the so-called white privilege phrase which is starting to become a common phrase in South African sports and politics, obviously being a sports publication we will only focus on the phrase “White privilege” in a sports context.

Black Privilege Has Been Going On For 22-Years

[1] Perhaps it is time for black players to take a back seat. For too long now the colour of a player’s skin, specifically black skin, has given players an unfair advantage. The unfair advantage is becoming more rampant by the day. Black Privilege, started in 1995 with the selection of Chester Williams, over a Caucasian player, and has been going on for over 22-years now!

If a team’s black to white ratio has increased they get praised, regardless of results! The less white players in the team the better!

South Africa is losing White Players Faster than Donald Trump Is Deporting Mexicans

While black players are starting to increase in South African rugby, white players are streaming out of South Africa having received the message loud and clear, quotas mean they are not welcome in South African rugby.

At first, the outflux of white players was a tiny stream and the hole could be plugged. That hole has now burst and South Africa is losing Caucasian players faster than Donald Trump is deporting Mexicans.

The ironic fact from the above is that the players leaving South Africa are 99% white players, how many black players can you name who left for Europe? Not many! Thus, we can conclude from the above that the talent leaving South Africa is a DIRECT result of quotas which is starting to become more widespread, and stricter each year.

[2] As the number of black players are increasing, the number of wins are decreasing as is evident with South Africa’s Super Rugby results.

[3] Black players should take a backseat. It was Caucasians who invented rugby, thus you can say rugby belongs to “white” players and black players have no right to claim a spot in a team.

STOP, The Bloody Racism & Double Standards

Do we believe in the above? Of course not!, its bloody nonsense bordering on hate speech! But here is why we wrote this article, on Workers Day. It is the EXACT reverse of what is happening / being said, each and every day in South Africa!

[1] It is fine to make statements such as White Privilege, yet when you say something such as black privilege, and black people get preference — you are labeled a racist!

[2] If something is wrong in South Africa, it is fine to say it is (was) because of the white man. Yet, when you say something like quotas are destroying rugby — you are labeled racist!

[3] Politicians often remind Caucasians, that South Africa belongs to the black man since they were “there” first! That’s fine, and nothing gets said about that. Yet when we make, what is essentially the exact same statement, saying white men invented rugby. Thus, rugby belongs to white people, WILL result in us being racist.

What we essentially did by writing this post (numbering statements with correlating statements) is taking what gets said each and every day, and turning it around. How can it be fine for the one-half to make certain statements but not for the other half?

Here is one more example, “radical black economic transformation“, rugby should become an all white sport. Can you see how one-half of the sentence is fine to say, yet the other-half of the sentence (meaning the exact same thing) is NOT fine to say.


South African rugby administrators are trying their very best to divide the rugby loving population, making racist statements like we mentioned above. The fact is, SA rugby has both brilliant white and black players, however a level playing field should be set for all

We would like to conclude with the words from the great American philosopher Celia Wolf-Devine.  A HIGHLY respected academic from America, who once said the following when asked if a “BBBEE” type system should be implemented in certain sectors of American society.

“Merely belonging to a racial group who WAS previously discriminated against does NOT, or should not, give an unfair advantage (read quotas) to an individual, simply because of injustices done to members of his / her PREVIOUS generation.”

As always, let us know what you think about the above, by dropping us a comment below.

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