Theunissen Or Mbalula Who Is The Real Racist?

Matt Theunissen On Fikile MbalulaSurely everyone by now has heard about the racist rant on Facebook by a 27-year old Capetonian, called Matt Theunissen who was enraged about Fikile Mbalula’s enforced 50% black selection policies and ban placed on South African Rugby, Cricket, Netball and Athletics to host major tournaments.

According to IOLNews Theunissen Said:


I’ve never been more proud than to say our government are a bunch of K*****S…yes, I said it so go and f**k yourselves you black f**king c**ts

Where is the Freedom of Speech

While we are just as enraged about the ridiculous decision made by Fikile Mbalula, who is the real racist here? Theunissen should have known better. While we are by no means endorsing Theunissen racial slur, however, we do believe in a true democracy you should be allowed to say what you want to say. As the author of this article, I have lived both in England and America two of the most liberal countries in the world, pinnacles of democracies, where they have true freedom of speech!

In South Africa we have “pretentious” freedom of speech , only in South Africa would a person who used a word equivalent to Niger face prosecution and even a possible jail sentence, it is all a bit bazaar.

Theunissen in all likelihood is NOT a racist but just a stupid person who spoke before he thought, although his viewpoint regarding Mbalula is spot-on, his choice of words was certainly not.

Media Reporting Like Kindergarten Kids

The media reporting about Theunissen having used the “K-word” is just ridiculous, as we mentioned in a previous post in a developed society let’s take America for an example, you can drop, Niger bombs which is equivalent to k***er, and while it is not very nice it is certainly not going to make front page news.

The story regarding Theunissen has been blown totally out of proportion and there are so many more important issues to focus on, but the media would rather report on someone who used, and I quote – “The K-Word,” just say the word already. Of course the ANC loves every moment of it, and is basking in the glory of Theunissen.
It is all a bit childish don’t you think? Does it not remind you of your primary school days?

“Teacher, Teacher he used the K-word”

Fikile Mbalula is the real racist

I will go out on a limb and say it is not Theunissen who is the racist but rather Fikile Mbalula, who stinks of a black Hitler, who has enforced racial selection policies effectively degrading African Malays & White South Africans to 2nd class citizens as we covered in a previous post.

Furthermore, where do you draw the line? Why is it okay to call someone a Boer, or should I make it B**r, but you can’t use the K-word?

Why is it that in a democratic society, which South Africa supposedly is, you can NOT say what you want to say, not even on social media, is it not border lining on dictatorship and media control?


We would like to conclude by saying the following.

How is it possible that it is okay for Fikile Mbalula, who stinks of a black Hitler with all his racist utterances, to say, “fewer White South African citizens should be chosen in sports teams“, which is plain and simply racist regardless of which way you look at it.

But when some unknown, normal white South African citizen retaliates in an equally racist way he gets crucified by the media. You are missing the point, South African media! It is NOT about Theunissen having used the “K-word” but rather about Mbalula’s racist policies.

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