Springboks How Low Can They Go?

If rugby was a limbo contest the Springboks would be dominating, unfortunately for Allister Coetzee and the disgraced national team it is not, and the Springboks are free falling, spiralling out of control, a runaway train falling of the cliff. The question is  – just how low will the Springboks fall and will there be a turnaround at some point? Has the end of South African rugby finally arrived? Let’s have a look.

Facts About Current State Of South African Rugby

So how low are the Springboks going to fall? They fell to 5th after the Italian loss, and will fall to 6th place should they lose to Wales come Saturday! With Coetzee and strict racial selection policies in place (which is clear discrimination against caucasian players, while being very unfair against players of colour) the Boks are guaranteed to fall a whole lot further and that is a FACT!.

Italian Loss Highlighted Importance Of Coaching Staff

The reality is the Italian loss, was far worse than the Japanese loss at least from a World Rugby Rankings point of view, which has Italy placed 14th & Japan placed 11th, the latter are both opponents which the Springboks lost to in the past year.  The Italian loss did a fine job highlighting the importance of a good coaching team, and the complete incompetence within the South African coaching booth. Brenden Venter, a well respected coach within European rugby circles, is the Italian defensive coach with, Conor O’shea the head coach, yet another coaching combo who outsmarted Coetzee & Co. The Springboks lost not because of the players but because of Allister Coetzee and his coaching staff, and that is another FACT!

Politically Correct South African Media

What really bugs us is the politically correct South African media which runs stories trying to defend Coetzee, and brushing off the fact that Coetzee, and Mzwandile Stick were quota selections – Coetzee and Stick were selected only because of their skin colour, let us get that very clear.

When Coetzee left the Stormers they were spiraling out of control (much like the Boks now) because of Coetzee’s one dimensional coaching style which he now brought to the Springboks. Rugby has evolved in the past 5-years, so much so that the game is now played completely different. When it was time to select the new Springbok coach the selection panel, unless completely blind, knew Coetzee is not capable to play modern day rugby. The door was wide open for a modern day coach…who? Possibly Johan Ackermann or even better a coach from abroad, yet SARU made the decision to hire Coetzee because he is of a darker skin colour, and that is another FACT! 

How low will South African Rugby Fall

Coetzee Does A Fine Job With Breaking Records

Hey, but it is not dark days yet, things are okay in South African rugby, with “rugby journalist”,  Mark Keohane, from SA rugby Magazine making ridiculous statements like – Remember it was an all-white side that the Springboks lost seven Tests in a row from 1964-65.  Are you really going to compare the amateur era with modern day rugby? Open your bloody eyes man! The Springboks are free falling, and Allister Coetzee is directly to blame! We are harsh on Coetzee not because we are looking for a scapegoat but because of his complete incompetence, any amatuer coach could have led the Springboks to victory against Italy, Coetzee couldn’t.

Money & Greed

The irony is, we once thought of Coetzee as a respectable man. How wrong we were, it is now abruptly clear there isn’t a decent hair on Coetzee’s head. Coetzee knows he is not fit for the job, and even if he is that ignorant that he really does believe he is the right man for the job, any respectable person would have done the right thing, and fallen on their own sword, bowing down, after such a horrific string of results.  Yet, the South African coach is holding on to his position. Coetzee is contracted well above 10-million for his 4-year term, a nice and big paycheck,  bumping up an already fat bank balance. The latter places Coetzee in the same camp as Jacob Zuma and the rest of the greedy bunch, a group who couldn’t care less for results, but is only after the money, and that is yet another FACT!

So Where To From HERE?

We have already highlighted Coetzee is not going anywhere. Quota enforcements are going to become harsher as 2019 approaches and the outflux of young talented South African rugby players will continue. If you take all the above into consideration, combined with the already horrific Springbok results in 2016, we will go out on a limb and say South Africa WILL fall out of The Top 10 rugby rankings in the next 2-years. South Africa will get ripped apart in the Rugby Championship, and the end of year tour…well we have already seen what that produces. Want to watch Springbok rugby? Cancel your SuperSport subscription, upgrade your internet connection and watch YouTube replays of years gone by, since the Springboks no longer exists, and will become progressively worse with each match, and that is a FACT!

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