Are You Kidding Me – Filtering The Noise From The Ireland Loss

This segment, titled are you kidding me, will be the start of what we hope can become a weekly installment (depending on reception), taking on a rather sarcastic approach, zooming in on the more ridiculous quotes, opinions and other shenanigans from each week, in an attempt to filter out the noise, and separate the ridiculous from the well…not so ridiculous.

Are You Kidding Me – Installment 1

Siya Kolisi: Ball-Carrier Body Positions

Allister Coetzee recently mentioned during his first ever halftime interview, as Springbok head coach, that the Springbok ball-carriers body positions need to improve. Siya Kolisi Springbok flanker yesterday backed up his coach’s statement being quoted as saying:

“ball-carriers needs to improve their body position when going into contact for this coming weekend’s test, against Ireland”


We don’t know whether to laugh or cry regarding the above quote. Proper, ball-carrier technique, focusing on body position and ball placement,  is something which gets taught at a very young age, it is a basic fundamental, and it is expected that proper ball carrying techniques should have been perfected long before a player reaches provincial level. However, more worryingly for South African rugby fans, is the fact that so much emphasis is being placed on the body position of the Springbok ball carriers, instead of proper ball retention / turning over less ball, and using better tactics. (to name but a few)

Sorry Siya, you didn’t get dominated at the rucks and on the advantage line because of the poor body position of Springbok ball-carriers. You lost because of poor decision making, and a whole long list of other factors which we have already covered.

2. Morne Steyn

Morne Steyn has received a SOS call up from Allister Coetzee, after Lambies injury and official sources have been quoted as saying:

Morne, looks sharper than all his team mates,  is ticking all the right boxes in practise, and might even get the starting role at flyhalf for this coming weekend.


The 110-year record is now in tatters, the damage has been done so there is nothing really left to lose. It is clear Morne won’t be going to the World Cup, so you might as well start developing your current group of youngsters, instead of calling up older, foreign-based players. Sure flyhalf is currently thin with Pats injury, but rather call up Marnitz Boshoff or Jean-Luc Duplessis to provide some depth instead of Steyn who will only fill the void temporarily. Also, the above is a rather abrupt U-turn on Coetzee’s recent announcement that local based players will get preference for selection.

3. The Boks did not lose because of transformation

In his weekly opinion post, for SA Rugby Magazine, Mark Keohane wrote, and we quote:

The Boks certainly did not lose because of transformation…


Sorry Mark but you got this one horribly wrong, trust us when we say, we hate having to keep bringing up transformation, but we will go out on a limb and say transformation and political interference is the primary reason the Boks lost against Ireland. Had the best team (and coaching staff) been selected, without political pressure, things would have been much different!

4. South African VS Ireland Statistics

Some of the official statistics from match 1 for Ireland vs South Africa reads as follow:

  • Clean Breaks: SA 7 / Ireland 9
  • Turnovers Conceded: SA 22 / Ireland 6
  • Tries: SA 2 / Ireland 2


The fact that Ireland, despite playing with 14 men, had 2 more clean breaks than SA, managed to turn over the ball 22 times against South Africa, despite playing without a flanker, combined with the fact that South Africa could not score more tries than Ireland despite their numerical advantage, makes for absolute horrendous reading and makes it very hard to see how the Springboks will be able to bounce back in match 2.

5. CJ Stander Suspension

CJ Stander has received a one week ban for the “illegal” tackle on Patrick Lambie after Judicial Officer Terry Willis of Australia decided that French referee was not wrong on his assessment with the red card handed out to CJ stander.


It is no secret that we, at The Sport Freak, are huge Patrick Lambie fans, and we were truly devastated by his injury, however, we have replayed the tackle made by Stander on Lambie and truth needs to be told, there was nothing wrong with it! How are you supposed to withdraw from a tackle while in mid-air? We think the call was extremely harsh, quite frankly we don’t even believe it deserved a yellow card, you have to wonder if the same decision would have been made had Lambie not been knocked unconscious?

6. R600 A Pop

The starting price for tickets for last Saturdays match against Ireland was 600(ZAR)


SA Rugby and Fikile Mbalula wants to transform rugby and “make the sport accessible to all” yet, South African rugby charges a ridiculous sum of money for a ticket to go and watch a team who is not even selected on merit! We think supporters should get their money back mmm…wonder if we should start a petition?


We are not sure how the “Are you kidding me” segment will go down, it is admittedly not our finest piece of writing, however, we like to mix things up and be different at The Sport Freak, that is one of the major advantages to being an independent publication and not having to be bound to political correctness like some other publications (no names mentioned.) We would greatly appreciate it if you could give us some feedback on whether you enjoyed this post or not.

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