Dark Days Ahead For South African Rugby

Dark Days lay ahead For South African Rugby, the Irish are approaching purely focused on how they can defeat the Boks, while SA rugby is preoccupied with racial issues and quotas.

South Africa will have a hard time beating Ireland especially since they won’t be able to select their best team. A likely Springbok team projected by various news publications makes it hard to see how the Springboks will be able to compete with the Irish, despite having home ground advantage.

Ireland is currently ranked 7th on the IRB log, and although the 3 fixtures are labelled as “international friendlies” the importance of these matches should not be underestimated.

Should the Springboks succumb to the Irish there will be a significant drop for the Boks in the IRB world ranking. Furthermore, a Springbok team which have been defeated against an Irish team will make the whole house come crumbling down.

An International team cannot compete with an understrength side, i.e. South Africa cannot expect to win matches if they are not going to select their best team, which they won’t since current policy does not allow it.

Are we saying black players are bad? Off course not. The message has been repeated countless times, “We don’t care if we have a 100% black South African team, just select the best players!!”

Unrealistic Expectations

The reality is there are not enough quality back players to fill the ridiculous quota requirements, which the South African Rugby Union needs to enforce.

SARU knows there are not enough black players and have developed a strategic transformation plan, to ensure 50% black representation from amateur level, all the way up to international level. Of the 50% representation, 40% must be black African, meaning no coloured, Indian, Caucasian or Chinese players. THIS IS RACIAL CLASSIFICATION AND DISCRIMINATION AT ITS PUREST FORM!! (You can download the full transformation plan by clicking on the link above)


sa rugby transformation policy

South African rugby official transformation policy

Stop for a second and think about this…In 2½ years there MUST be 50% “black representation” in all teams no exception!

A Practical Example

Here is a practical example even though player “X” is better than player “Z”, player “Z” MUST be selected because of his colour! Player “X” despite being the better player will need to sit out simply because he is Caucasian. (HELLO IRB…BY-LAW- 3 RACIAL DISCRIMINATION??)

But here is the thing, player “X” is NOT going to sit out, he is going to pack his bags and go play in Europe, goodbye South African rugby depth.

South African rugby is rapidly deteriorating into a “mino” nation. We don’t see how the Boks will win the Irish, let alone Australia or New-Zealand.

Sadly the end of a once might rugby empire is coming to an end, simply due to maladministration, and racial hatred, from SA rugby administrators.


Perhaps the single thing that stings the most for us is the fact that we will no longer be able to support South African rugby due to discriminatory policies and racial hatred which is against everything we stand for at the sportfreak.

We will leave you with the words of the most capped international referee, Nigel Owens.

I don’t like politics interfering in sport. It shouldn’t matter whether you are black or white, gay or straight. You should not be treated any better or any worse. You must be afforded equal opportunities and selected in terms of ability and merit.” – Nigel Owens

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