Forming An Ethnically Black South African Rugby Team

Forming A Ethnically Black South African Rugby TeamBefore we start we would like to give one of our readers credit for coming up with the original idea behind this post. The idea is to establish a black South African rugby team based on ethnicity, much like the New Zealand Maoris, in an attempt to help increase the quality of, transformation and assist, so called players of colour, make the transition from national to international level, while at the same time doing away with transformation at the national level.

Forming A South African All Black Team – The Advantages

Before we look at the advantages of creating a Springbok team based on ethnicity, composed only of Black African players, and whether such a team will be feasible or not, let us first take a moment to examine the New Zealand Maori team.

The New Zealand Maoris

The New Zealand Maoris, as of 2002 referred to as the Maori All Blacks, have a history which dates back over 128-years, with the first ever test being played in 1888. The original idea behind the New Zealand Rugby Union forming a New Zealand Maori team was to help grow and develop rugby amongst the New Zealand Maori population.

The fact that New Zealand as far back as 1888 had the vision to implement such a team with the sole purpose of advancing the great game of rugby speaks volumes about their brilliant rugby administration, something which still continues today and that is why they are the best team in the world…they plan for the future.

Growth and Development Of South African Rugby.

Personally, we believe forming an ethnically black South African team will do wonders for the advancement NOT only of transformation but for South African rugby as a whole. Springbok selectors will essentially have a core group of 2-squads to select from, with the “South African All Blacks“(for lack of a better word) grooming the future stars of tomorrow, and weeding out the average players from those who can go on to become greats of the modern day game.

It should also finally put an end to the ongoing debate, whether a player is in the national side because of skin colour or merit. Although we would like to stress the development of such a team is not to see whether “black or white” players are better, its sole purpose should be to serve South African rugby.

Huge Marketing and Money Making Potential

There is a huge marketing potential behind, forming an ethnically, black South African rugby team. Since so much of the New South Africa (sadly) revolves around race we believe an Ethnical black South African Rugby team will enjoy a huge following and fan base amongst the majority of the population. 

Finding matches for the “South African All Blacks” will be easy

.Teams coming to tour South Africa in June can play the SA All Blacks, furthermore there lies huge potential in setting up an annual test series between the Maori All Blacks and South African All Blacks, this can even go on to evolve into one of the highlights of the rugby calendar. Lastly, the South African All Blacks could accompany the Springboks on their end of year tour to Europe, playing midweek fixtures and further developing “previously disadvantaged” players and exposing them to different elements and playing styles across the globe.

Finding a sponsor for the South African All Blacks will be easy, and there is much money to be made in attendance fees and TV rights. Providing corruption doesn’t stick out its ugly head, all this money can go towards developing  rugby at grassroots level, amongst the so-called previously disadvantaged communities. 

Qualification For Selection

To qualify for playing for the New Zealand Maori All Blacks, a player MUST be from Maori background, the same strategy should apply to play for the South African All Blacks, however with a twist…we believe colourds (that is cape Malays, brown skinned people, for our international readers) should also qualify to be selected for the South African All Blacks, because of South Africa’s unique racial background.

Challenges – Fikile Mbalula and the rest of the crew

With all things considered, a black African rugby team can only benefit South African rugby, and in principle, it should be rather simple to establish such a team. Above we only touched on a few of the positives and with proper research, we are sure there will be many more positives that will come from having such a team in place. However, unfortunately, nothing is simple in good ol’ South Africa.

We can just imagine how such a proposal will get lassed by the current government as an attempt to racially segregate black players (which is really not the idea), and like everything else getting labelled as racist, unfortunately, the chances of such a team ever getting formed is slim to none, since South African politicians only see in black and white and fail to see the bigger picture i.e. the advancement of South African rugby and players…however, one can only hope.

Conclusion – The South African All Blacks

What do you think about forming a Black South African rugby team? Do you think, it will be seen as racist or do you agree with our point that having such a team in place can only aid in the advancement of South African rugby and black players alike? As always drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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