So You Think The Springboks Are Moving Up Huh?

Did South Africa Deserve Their Victory

Did South Africa Deserve Their Victory?

Allister Coetzee finally managed to win a test after failing miserably since his appointment as head coach in 2016. At TheSportFreak we don’t know what was worse, the on field performance of the Springboks, Coetzee’s post match press conference or this morning’s media headlines.

If you have been following TheSportFreak rugby blog you will know we don’t candy coat anything (like some other media outlets). We say it like it is which is exactly what we will be doing in this post. Thus we will be addressing all three points mentioned above. Springbok performance, Coetzee’s post-match conference and media headlines.

Springbok Performance:

Anyone who is satisfied and thinking SA rugby is moving upward after the 1st French test match is:

  • Either delusional
  • Or knows very little about rugby

Let us do a brief examination of yesterday’s performance. Coetzee picked 7 Lions and is finally trying to play the game supporters have been asking for.

The problem with the above is the fact that Coetzee, much like Pieter DeVilliers, is simply playing on the success from former coaches’ who actually managed to build a winning squad ala PDV on Jake White and now Coetzee simply playing on Johan Ackerman’s success.

It’s clear that the Springboks are now trying to play a more expansive game, trying to “copy” New-Zealand teams. The problem with the former, is that:

  1. A move to a more expansive game should have happened years ago.
  2. Coetzee is clearly not the right man to make such a transition for the Springboks.
  3. The South African Rugby Union (SARU) is not setup to assist in changing South African rugby’s style of play.

Let us not be delusional. The Boks were LUCKY to win against an under strength French team; with only 2 points separating the Les Blues and Springboks with the match heading into the final quarter (20 minutes).

The penalty try swung the momentum in South Africa’s favour and essentially took the fight out of the French (Barbarian) team. Should it have been a penalty try? Yes. With that being said had France scored and taken the lead in the final 20-minutes we believe the Springboks would have lost.

The point we are trying to make is that the Springbok performance should have been much, much more clinical than what we saw in the 1st test.

Allister Coetzee Post-Match Interview

So with the above out of the way – What was even worse than the Springbok performance was Allister Coetzee’s post match conference. Coetzee making claims like “2016 is behind us now, we are starting a new chapter”

The above statement(s) is a disgrace. Trying to make supporters (and himself) forget about the disaster that was 2016 is nothing short of Coetzee being both naive and delusional. Instead, he (Coetzee) should have acknowledged the shame he brought onto the Springboks. Apologized to the public and explained what he will do to improve on his disgraceful coaching tenure.

SA Rugby Media

We are trying hard not to sound like an ANC spin-doctor, but when it comes to South African sports – the SA media is unacceptably biased. Major SA Rugby media outlets rarely find fault with the Spirngbok’s performance, while at the same time simply refusing to address issues like quotas (racism) in South African rugby.

Someone needs to give Rob Howling (editor of Sport24) a lesson in rugby.  This morning’s headlines on Sport24 “Springboks are moving upwards” and “This Is the Start of a New Era” is RIDICULOUS.

Again there was NOTHING special about the Springboks performance against an under strength French side. Ironically, if you read some of the international media outlets like ESPN Scrum or STUFF.CO.NZ (they actually acknowledge that it was a poor performance against an under strength French team)


Perhaps a more appropriate headline would have been “Sloppy Springboks Still Has Long Way to Go”

Let us not kid ourselves had the Springboks played Australia or New-Zealand yesterday records would have been smashed and that is EXACTLY what is going to happen in The Rugby Championship. SA rugby much like South Africa (the country) is in a deep dark hole of which there is no escaping!

Do you agree with the above, or do you believe the Springboks are heading in the right directions? As always drop us a comment!

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