South Africa vs England Prediction & Preview

England vs South Africa @ Twickenham. Kickoff 4:30pm (SA Time) 2016

South Africa has not won a rugby match against England at Twickenham in 8 years, that would have been the headline had you woke up the morning before the England vs South match in 2008 however, in 2008 South Africa not only broke their Twickenham winning drought they demolished it, with a record 42-8 victory at Twickenham (I remember, I was there that day).  Since that historic victory, the tables have turned, in South Africa’s favour, and South Africa has not lost a test against England since 2006, at all venues, an impressive winning streak, spanning over a decade of victories for the Springboks.

However as the Springboks are set to face their old Northern Hemisphere rugby foes on 12 November 2016 (remember this date), their Twickenham record is in real danger of being shattered, like so many other long standing SA rugby records which have been shattered over the past 2-years. This is our full England vs South Africa match preview.

England vs South Africa Betting Preview

England rugby looks hell bent on becoming the number one team in world rugby again, and one has to say they do make a pretty compelling argument at this stage of getting there. A rise of a traditional rugby powerhouse, led by Eddie Jones one of the smartest, most innovative coaches in modern world Rugby.

Since Jones took over England has yet to lose a test, they made a clean sweep in the Six Nations, earlier this year, and then demolished Australia at home, recording an impressive 3 match winning streak. Many say Australia was poor we say England were fantastic.

It is not just the fact that England are winning matches, it is the way in which they win and demolish their opponents which is really impressive to watch. Having watched, and followed England in the media, since Jones took over a few things become abruptly clear.

  • This is a team with a long term plan, and vision.
  • They (England) are building depth in each position (which is so important).
  • Each player understands the game plan and his role within the team.
  • A big emphasis is put on player conditioning.
  • Jones is a master tactician.
  • Jones is playing towards England’s traditional strengths rather than trying to adopt a game plan England is unfamiliar with.

Ok so we all know England is good, but what about their opponent on Saturday, what do we see when we zoom into South Africa? Let’s have a look.

Can South Africa Win Against England?

Before we begin our prediction and preview of South Africa vs England, we would like to point out the fact that we approach all our betting previews, and match predictions totally unbiased. We have written extensively about the poor state of South African rugby, and everyone following The Sport Freak will know that South African rugby is finding itself in a crisis.

South Africa was lucky to escape with a draw against the Barbarians last week at Wembley however, it will be a different South African team to play England on Saturday.

A rather worrying aspect for Springbok supporters heading into the England match is Matthew Proudfoot’s statement, who said, South Africa wants to copy Ireland’s game plan. Proudfoot said he believes Ireland has the blueprint to beat England.  This is worrying for several reasons. Firstly it confirms what South African supporters have been saying all year, South Africa DOES NOT have a proper game plan.

When Allister Coetzee first took over, he said he wanted to adopt a ball in hand type of game plan ala All Blacks, that failed miserably thus far, and now South Africa wants to adopt Ireland’s game plan, a team who has lost to England earlier in this year. What about Coetzee and Proudfoot establishing their own game plan, or do they not have the skill to do so?

Another worrying aspect for South Africa is their lack of depth in the loose forwards; expect to see South Africa being dominated at the breakdown once again. Furthermore, South Africa’s tactical kicking has been poor all year, kicking ball away aimlessly, usually straight down the opposition’s throat. This is a rather significant concern since it means that South Africa is mostly forced to play from deep within their own half, something which they cannot do because they lack the skills, and coaching to do so.

Why South Africa Can Not Win Against England On Saturday

sa vs eng rugby betting previewIt is sad to say for Springbok supporters, but one has to be realistic. In our South Africa vs England prediction, we believe South Africa will not win against England on Saturday due to several reasons.

Firstly South Africa have been playing poor all year, there is no indication that things can just magically turn around for the Springboks. Furthermore, South Africa has lacked cohesion as a team, with no structures or proper game plan in place, due to poor coaching, and inconsistent team selection.

On the other side, you have England who is well coached, and a brilliantly, balanced team. As mentioned, each England player knows his role in the team, and the England coaching staff will pretty much outsmart South Africa in every aspect of the match. Home ground advantage will be significant for England, expect them to feed off the energy of the crowd, combined with the motivational factor of breaking their 10-year drought against South Africa.

Statistics predicts doom & gloom for South Africa

  •  South Africa has not won an away fixture since Coetzee took over.
  • Since Coetzee took over South Africa have played 10 matches, lost 4, including losses against Argentina, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.
  • The average winning margin for South Africa since Coetzee took over is (negative / minus) -4 points
  • On the contrary, since Jones took over England has not lost a single match and England is on an impressive 7-match winning streak.
  • The average winning margin for England, since Eddie Jones took over is +(plus)  12-points, which is more than impressive considering they have faced some real quality opposition in the Six Nations, and then the 3 match tour of Australia.


England vs South Africa -What the Bookmakers are saying.

Whether you enjoy making a rugby bet every now and then, or not, it is always interesting to note what the bookmakers think of a match.

If you are brave enough to make a straight up bet on South Africa you can get them as high as 4 to 1 @4.25

Odds for a straight up England win is set as low as @1.25

The Bookmakers set the handicap for England vs South Africa at -10 points, thus giving South Africa a 10 point start. Meaning the bookies are heavily favouring England for a win.

South Africa vs England Prediction Conclusion

Expect England to blow South Africa away from the start, this match should play out much like the South Africa, All Blacks fixture earlier in the year.

Recommended Bet: England -10 @2.00

Predicted Score: South Africa 15 England 38

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