Are You Kidding Me – Take 2

If you are seeing gaping holes in our content, it is not the Springbok defence who came to visit, but rather a sponsor who is taking space for an ad which…well they haven’t (are still) creating.

This is the second instalment of the “Are You Kidding me” weekly roundup, where we try and bring you the craziest, stupidest and most bizarre actions, comments and whatever else we can think of. While are you kidding me 1, did generally receive positive feedback from regular visitors, it did not do as well as we were hoping it would, so we thought, this time, we will up the ante a bit…trial and error (yeah go tell that to a Springbok coach!)


Allister Coetzee feeling the heatThat aint cool bru

Last Thursday, on the day of the team announcement, it was reported that Allister Coetzee & Co decided to hold their presser outdoors. It’s fine to enjoy a bit of sunshine every now and then, but official word on the street, from those who attended, is that when the announcement finally took place, it was a cool 5 degrees…We wonder if Coetzee did this hoping that less media would show up…brrr?


David Copperfield Comes To Ellis Park

AllStar Coetzee pulled off a stunning escape this past Saturday when he managed to dodge the press at halftime and send (poor) Matthew Proudfoot downstairs for the halftime interview. Now it is not uncommon for a coach to send an assistant down for a quick halftime chat, but Allister is someone who has always done his halftime press duty, we wonder if Proudfoot resisted or maybe it came down to the toss of a coin, either way, that was foolish Allister!

Proudfoot Coetzee StickHe aint Sticking Around!

The Springbok management, did a fine job of showcasing their disappearance skills, remember test 1 in Newlands where we saw the 3 musketeers, Allister Coetzee sitting between forwards coach Proudfoot and backline coach Mzwandile StickWhere was Stick for match 2…he wasn’t on water boy duty and he sure as hell wasn’t in the coaches booth…mmm maybe he decided to not Stick around?


Dedication Turns to Despair

It was reported that Irish flyhalf, Paddy Jackson decided to trade in his binoculars and safari kit, for a day at Ellis Park when he decided not to go with the rest of the team, when they took to the African bush on their day off. Jackson instead decided to spend his off day kicking balls at Ellis Park, unfortunately, this somewhat backfired for Jackson, had Jackson made all his kicks, Coetzee would have been filling out asylum seeking forms right now, wonder who would take him?

Are You Trying To Kill Us

First we choked on our beer (no not because South Africa won) but for Joel Stanski saying at full time “this was one of the greatest Springbok comebacks of all time,” the next morning we choked on our breakfast when SuperSport ran with the headline “hail the heroes.” Are you kidding me?! That was the worst South African performance…well in history?

Allister Coetzee Thumbs UpI give it a Thumbs Up

Coach Coetzee decided after the final whistle, to give himself and his team the thumbs up for – in SuperSports words “a historic comeback.” Well played lads!



Transforming Supporters…

We can’t help but wonder what the Hitler of Africa, Mr. Mbalula, thinks when he sees images like this:

springbok supporters


Will there be a call to start transforming the crowds one of these days…we aint ruling it out!

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