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The online betting industry continues to experience unprecedented growth, as it continues to grow and more punters sign up for new accounts. So too does new online bookmakers pop up all over the web offering big signup bonuses hoping to get their share of the pie (market.)

We see the rise of new online bookmakers as a good thing. A little competition is always good, and at the end of the day it’s only the user who can benefit out of the competition between bookmakers.

This competition between bookmakers will ultimately result in a competition to retain players, this will force many online bookmakers to adjust odds or come up with creative bonuses and promotions.  ensuring their users are happy and keep playing with them.

One of the latest bookmakers on the block, trying to get in on the action, is an online bookmaker called RealDealBet.

RealDealBet is new to the industry, however, their owners are certainly not new to the online gambling industry. RealDealBet is owned by Zap-Zap marketing Ltd, whom currently holds majority shares in Betplay and Betrally.

In an attempt to grow the RealDealBet sportsbook brand, and establish some credibility behind the name, RealDealBet has managed to partner up with Evander Holyfield.

Evander Holyfield is regarded as one of the all-time great boxers, being a 5-time World Heavyweight Champion. If you wondered why the name RealDealBet, it stems from Holyfield’s boxing nickname “The Real Deal” thus RealDealBet sportsbook and online casino is in reference to the former champ, who has now partnered up with RealDealBet and Zap-Zap marketing Ltd.

RealDealBet Complete Review

Here follows our complete review of RealDealBet, where we will be examining the RealDealBet sportsbook and all the features it offers, to see how RealDealBet stacks up amongst the big names in the online gambling industry.

RealDealBet Positives

User Interface and betting platform – RealDealBet offers a nice looking user interface, it makes use of a smooth 3-column layout where the left column serves as the navigational panel to different sports (more on this later).
The middle column features live in play betting with tabs to easily find the user’s desired sport. Below the live betting section, there is a popular bets section which shows the user the most popular bets of the day, based on betting volume.
The right column contains the betslip which works well and allows the user to place a bet without much effort.
With all things being equal we give RealDealBet’s user interface our nod of approval. We found it to function quite well when compared to most other top bookmakers.

real deal bet user interface

RealDealBet Signup Bonus

RealDealBet signup bonus, is certainly a very lucrative offer for new players. RealDealBet sportsbook, with compliments of Evander Holyfield, brings you a welcome bonus of up to €100 (or $100 whichever is your preferred currency.) Note this bonus does NOT count in the form of a bet, but will actually get contributed to your balance. RealDealBet sportsbook signup bonus is sure to attract many new customers and is one of the best signup bonuses currently being offered.

realdealbet signup bonus

RealDealBet offers a good signup bonus for new players

RealDealBet Supported Currencies

A major plus point for RealDealBet is the fact that they offer the option to bet in your own currency. Currencies which are currently supported range from the South African Rand to the Turkish Lierra, and many others, including all major currencies such as the USD and GBP.

Best Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports are becoming increasingly popular amongst punters. While not all online casinos and sportsbooks offer this option, RealDealBet certainly excels in the virtual sports department having a selection of virtual sports starting every couple of minutes ranging from football to greyhound racing. The graphics, commentary and odds are second to none and the user will feel like he is watching a real match. Making for on the edge of your seat entertainment.


RealDealBet Virtual Sports Betting

RealDealBet Negatives

Limited Markets on certain sports: This is a big negative, while RealDealBet does offer a wide selection of sports to bet on, many of their sports have a limited number of markets. As an example take the upcoming Six-Nations. RealDealBet simply offers a money line bet and a handicap. Which is considerably lower than major online bookmakers such as Williamhill which offers up to 33 different markets. You can compare the two with Williamhill on the left, in blue, and RealDealBet on the right

realdealbet vs williamhill


Withdrawals might be subjected to a fee:

Again another big negative we have found while testing and researching, RealDealBet that your withdrawals might be subjected to a withdrawal fee, by saying this we are not referring to bonus amounts. No, if you have deposited an amount into your RealDealBet account, it needs to get wagered at least 3-times, to avoid a withdrawal fee charge.

This can discourage many users who use the “short odds, big bet” strategy which we have explained in the past. Currently, RealDealBet is the only sportsbook that we know of which charges a processing fee to withdraw funds from your account if a certain criteria is not met. While the withdrawal fee is not large, it is still the principle which is wrong.


While we have praised the User Interface of RealDealBet sportsbook since it really does deserve credit as a good betting platform, the navigation of the site becomes a bit of a nightmare when trying to find certain fixtures not listed amongst the popular upcoming matches.

RealDealBet makes use of a nested navigation structure, in its left column, where all sports are located, its best to demonstrate the difficulty of finding a fixture by using a practical example. Consider the following image, where the user is trying to find the six-nation tournament:


RealDealBet user interface, navigation

The user scrolled down to rugby union and clicked on International to expand the fixture list, yet there is no mention of the six-nations, even though it is revered to as an international tournament.

After fiddling around, we finally found the six-nation tournament listed under “Europe”, which doesn’t really make sense since it should be categorised under an international tournament.

The nested navigation structure can cause users some serious frustration. It is not just rugby union, where the navigation can be described as nothing short of flawed, the same applies to cricket, football, basketball and pretty much all other sports / tournaments which does not fall under the “featured” category.

Customer Support:

Let it be said straight from the start that RealDealBet is generally quick to respond to inquiries via email, however, RealDealBet provides no online chat support option, which certainly is a let-down when comparing the support option to other major online bookmakers and casinos where live chat support has become standard practice these days. With that being said RealDealBet has mentioned that they are in the process of setting up an online support feature, so we will have to wait and see if it does happen in the next couple of months…

RealDealBet Live Streaming:

Unlike other top sportsbooks like Bet365, Williamhill and Sportingbet. To name but a few, RealDealBet currently has no live streaming option in place.

RealDealBet Review – Conclusion, The Verdict

All and all RealDealBet doesn’t make for a bad sportsbook, their odds are on par with all other leading sportsbooks. They provide a decent user interface and a good signup bonus.
However the lack of markets offered on certain sports, combined with a possible withdrawal fee (which is just not fair play in our books) along with no live streaming options even in the smallest of matches, is certainly a bit of a let down.

The bottom line is this, RealDealBet sportsbook is by no means terrible, however, they offer nothing different or special that would want a user to change their bookie or signup for a new account unless you are a new user who is after the signup bonus, which really is among the best in the business. All and all, it is certainly not worth changing your current bookmaker for RealDealBet, however new users looking for a good sportsbook and a lucrative signup bonus will find great value with RealDealBet.

Score: 7/10

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4 Our Rating
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  • BIG signup Bonus
  • All Countries Welcome
  • Wide Range Of Currencies Supported


  • 2.5% Withdrawal Fee
  • No online Customer Support
100% Matching Deposit Bonus
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