The Online Crypto Gambling Race

You’ve probably heard of cryptocurrencies, & the blockchain revolution. In case you haven’t stop reading and Google it NOW! Then go take a cold shower and wake up. While I may or may not necessarily agree with all the principles and ideas behind the blockchain I can definitely see how it will change the online gambling industry. A $70 BILLION dollar a year industry as of 2017, and growing!
Like with many sectors of the modern-day economy a handful of companies, be it for better or worse, have seized control in certain lucrative sectors, like Google has formed a monopoly in search, Microsoft in operating systems, PlayTech Software is the monopoly of online casino software. Many have tried to topple these titans of industry, most failed….miserably!

Missed The boat? Not This Time – Crypto Gambling Is Here!

You might have been too young or slow and missed the boat during the tech revolution of the late 90’s, the online gambling and affiliate marketing opportunities of the early 2000’s, perhaps you missed the crypto revolution of the 2010’s whatever it may or may not be, you now have an opportunity to position yourself well ahead of the pack stretching towards the finish in what is soon to be a reborn online gambling industry. The gigantic size of the market already touched on in the introduction.

I am of strong belief that the gambling sector is one of the few economic sectors where the block-chain can truly make sense. It is in the right position to topple the multi-billion dollar a year online casino market, in the very near future.

The Crypto Gambling Race, Whose Your Money On?

As these crypto gambling companies start the bend towards the final stretch of their road-maps and implementation, it’s a neck and neck race towards the finish line. The reward? Market domination and a surging spike in coin value! In this multi-part post, spanning over 5 days. We will look at some of the major online gambling crypto companies and examine which company(ies) has positioned itself as front-runner towards the home stretch.

Before we start it is important to note that while there are companies directly competing with one another, There are also companies who solely specializes in the sub-niche of the online gambling industry and each should be evaluated and or / valued in line with their specialized niche, where applicable.

funfair logoFUNFAIR

First up you have FUNFAIR, many miss the primary objective of FUN, thus missing where its true value and potential sits. Let us provide some clarity. FUNFAIR is NOT an online casino nor are they planning to establish a FUNFAIR branded casino under the company’s name anytime soon. Rather FUNFAIR is an online casino gambling software provider, or more specifically a platform on which online crypto casino games can be built. Games can be built directly by the team or by 3rd party developers. The fact that 3rd party developers can build on the FUNFAIR platform offers endless potential for the casino gaming industry. Online gamblers can expect in the near future, an influx of 1000’s of new types of exciting games

The name FUNFAIR says it all, so I’m not going to delve too deep into it. In a nutshell, FunFair will provide verifiable fair games with no chance of the casino rigging games, with the metaphorical loaded dice.

With a masterstroke of ingenuity FunFair founder and CEO Jez San, who is well respected in the online gambling sector, managed to bridge the age-old problem of trust between players and casinos. Jez came up with the idea, and is now rapidly implementing his idea which will turn the online gambling sector on its head!

Starting A Gambling Revolution

I’ve never been a fan of the word revolution. It is a powerful word which is too often abused in the crypto world for cynical reasons. However, FUNFAIR will truly revolutionize the online gambling sector, in the very near future. It will be a revolution which not only transforms the online crypto gambling sector but also the massive FIAT gambling market.

Since FUNFAIR games are verifiably fair. It is rather obvious, that FUNFAIR Tech will become the new standard of online gambling and online gamblers will simply demand the use of FUNFAIR games opposed to the normal PlayTech games.

PlayTech is currently the largest online gambling software provider, the Google of the gambling industry. FUN will directly challenge PlayTech and in all likelihood topple them. The reward? Total market dominance! The reason why FUN can directly compete with an industry leader is simple. FunFair TEch is verifiably fair thus, gamblers will simply demand FunFair games which they know is fair.

FunFair Technology is enabling players to “truly” gamble for the first time without a loaded dice from the house. Aside from the obvious advantage that FUNFAIR is one of the few crypto companies which truly has a use-case, and bridges a massive market problem. The biggest advantage for me sits in the fact that FUNFAIR games can simply be implemented with already established casinos and big brands. They have already received the nod from WilliamHill, which speaks for itself regarding the potential of this company.

FunFair Conclusion

It is not often when one gets the chance to invest in a company that will soon, and in all likelihood become the monopoly, of a multi-billion dollar a year industry. FunFair tokens are currently trading around $0.05 cents. When their platform launches in Q2 of 2018, the sky is the limit! It is ultimately my hope that FunFair can break away from crypto space and become a company where shares are divided according to numbers of tokens held, whether this will materialize is doubtful. Regardless, I can tell you this much, crypto company or not, get in on FunFair while you can!


Check Back Tomorrow For Part 2 OF the Online Gambling Crypto Race 

I am invested in FUN and many other gambling crypto companies. That being said I will remain unbiased and tell it as it is. I am not paid nor affiliated with any of the companies which will be featured in this post.

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