Complete Vitalbet Review Bookmaker – Owned by Manny Pacquiao

What does former World Boxing legends Evander”The Real Deal” Holyfield and Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao hold in common?  Apart from being multiple world champions in their respective boxing categories they also have substantial stakes in two of the world’s newest online sportsbooks.

Manny Pacquiao, owns a large majority of the online bookmaker and casino known as Vitalbet which was founded in 2015, he is also the brand ambassador and the face behind Vitalbet.

Vitalbet is certainly not shy to flaunt the fact that they are backed by Pacquiao a.k.a Pacman with a large banner proudly announcing the fact to all new customers when visiting the site.

Vitalbet signup bonus & review

VitalBet The Official Sportsbook Of Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao

While Manny Pacquiao, although having stepped down last year, is still world renowned as one of the most reputable and well respected sportsmen of all time, will his sportsbook live up to the same high standards, though?

Here follows our complete & detailed Vitalbet review

Platform & User Interface

user interface

VitalBet user interface

When visiting Vitalbet for the first time you will notice the banner which we showed above, after you close the banner you will have your first view of the user-interface. Vitalbet user interface is simple yet elegant, making use of a 3 column grid which seems to be the latest trend amongst new bookmakers, these days.

Sports navigation can be found in the left column, with the middle column displays popular coupons along with tabs allowing for quick browsing, while the right column is dedicated to the bet slip and other promotional offers.

The bet slip differs slightly to your traditional bet slips found at most online bookmakers, with the betslip of Vitalbet creating a new tile for each selection made.

All and all Vitalbet provides the impression of a classy yet elegant sportsbook, which offers easy navigation and coupon selections


VitalBet Sports Betting

When it comes to different sports for users to bet / make a wager on, it seems VitalBet is missing a number of key sports.While users will find all of the traditional and mainstream sports such as soccer and basketball — notable sports that we could not find, at the time of writing, were rugby and cricket, which certainly struck us as odd since the mentioned two sports makes up a rather large portion of the UK’s betting market. The omission of cricket is certainly strange since it is one of the most popular sports for punters to bet on, worldwide.

With that being said one gets the impression that Vitalbet sportsbook is not targeting your traditional punters, but is rather trying to reach a market of new younger generation punters, via their E-sports (more on that later)

Odds, Markets & Depth of Markets

Despite missing a number of sports Vitalbet sportsbook offers a fairly good selection of markets on the sports they do offer. As can be seen from the image below: (taking basketball as an example)

vitalbet sports betting markets

VitalBet offers a fairly good number of markets on the sports they do offer

While Vitalbet sportsbook does offer fairly good markets, it is certainly nothing to write home about. Looking at the above image notice there is a good selection of handicaps, points and team markets yet that is where it stops! No props or any other markets to make them standout from the pack.

There are no individual player markets, which is a rather popular market, offered by major online bookmakers such as Sportingbet and Williamhill.

We also found Vitalbet to lack popular match coupons i.e. will Lebron James score more than 24.5 points in the above match or less than 24.5 points in above match, such types of markets are unfortunately not offered by Vitalbet.

When examining Vitalbet bookmaker markets — on  different sports like soccer we came to the same conclusion, while the markets offered are fairly good, it is certainly nothing exceptional and lacks in certain areas.

VitalBet Bookmakers Margin & Odds

While VitalBet might have a limited number of Sports to bet on, and their markets within selected sports might not be the greatest, one area where VitalBet does score big points, and stands out from the rest of the pack, is when it comes to the bookmaker margins. VitalBet’s bookmaker margin and odds are on par with the best in the industry, in fact there are very few bookmakers who can compete with Vitalbet in terms of bookmakers margin. Which is something to consider, especially for those into line shopping! Bellow you can see an image of their Bookmakers Margin, provided courtesy of Top100Bookmakers

Vitalbet Bookmakers Margin

Vitalbet Bookmakers Margin


VitalBet E-Sports 

While the term e-sport is certainly not new — it is new when it comes to online bookmakers offering betting markets for “e-sports”. While it is still very much debatable whether e-sports can be considered a sport or not, what is not debatable is that esports is currently growing exponentially in popularity especially in Asia & the US. Infact if you live in America you can even go to college to study e-sports. (Only in America, right?)

Vitalbet online sportsbook certainly considers esports a legitimate sport and heavily promotes it along with their brand.

As of the time of writing, Vitalbet is one of the only online sportsbooks who offers daily Esports betting events. Perhaps a major drawing card for Vitalbet is that they are, the bookmaker offering the largest amount of Esports betting events  —  with live streaming on all events on a daily basis. In Fact VitalBet chooses to promote E-Sports over traditional sport, and this is where they are trying to get their market share amongst the (very) competitive online gambling community!

Popular E-sport’s covered by Vitalbet includes CounterStrike, Dota2 and Starcraft, as can be seen on the image below:

esports betting on vitalbet

Vitalbet is the worlds leading online e-sports bookmaker

Besides the mentioned esports above there are several other e-sport markets covered by Vitalbet, for users that enjoy Esports Vitalbet is certainly recommended as the go to bookmaker. It is fair to say when it comes to Esports betting VitalBet is the world’s leading bookmaker for the e-sport market.

eSports Bitcoin


Deposit Methods and Bitcoin

Vitalbet accepts several deposit methods, all the usual deposit methods are accepted including Skrill and Neteller, among others. However where Vitalbet scores big points, is the fact that apart from all the usual deposit methods, VitalBet also support Bitcoin as a deposit method.

It is hard to find a sportsbook that accepts both Visa/MasterCard deposits and Bitcoin, usually it is one or the other, however Vitalbet is one of the few bookmakers which accepts both. This will certainly make Vitalbet a popular option amongst punters looking for an alternative deposit option.

VitalBet The Conclusion

While in the sporting department Vitalbet certainly offers nothing special, that will make them standout amongst the crowd of the hundreds of online sportsbooks and bookmakers.  With that being said Vitalbet certainly does not make for a bad sportsbook, and can be compared to your average online bookmaker

Vitalbet does however get our nod of approval and an overall “A” rating. This is due to the fact that their betting platform works nicely and makes for easy betting, however our approval of Vitalbet stems from the fact that they offer something different from your average sportsbook.

With Vitalbet placing a heavy emphasis on E-Sports which continues to grow in popularity and welcoming Bitcoin transactions makes Vitalbet perhaps what can only be described, as a sportsbook of the future — watch this space they might just be onto a winning formula!

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3.5 Our Rating
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  • US Players Welcome
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  • Leader In Esports
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Innovative
  • Low Bookmaker Margin
  • Easy To Signup


  • Limited Amount Of Sports
  • No Rugby Or Cricket Betting
  • Limited Markets
$50 Free Signup Bonus
Use code: The Sport Freak

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