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Bluebet bookmaker, founded in late 2015, is Australia’s latest online sportsbook trying to make inroads into a lucrative Australian gambling market. By lucrative we mean the most profitable gambling market in the world! This might come as a surprise too many that Australia is ranked as the world’s number-1 (largest) gambling market, yet research done by the economist clearly shows us that the Aussies love their gambling, as can be seen on the graph below.

Australian Online Gambling

The Aussies love their online gambling

Bluebet sportsbook will be competing with some big names if they are going to be successful, in getting their slice of the world largest gambling market.

Currently some of Australia’s most trusted bookmakers are Betstar and SportsbetAu, including numerous UK bookmakers which many Aussies choose as their go to bookmakers.

With that being said the Bluebet bookmaker brand has some serious firepower, in their arsenal, to compete with mentioned sportsbooks in the form of well-respected bookmaker, Michael Sullivan.

Sullivan will be overseeing operations at Bluebet bookmaker which is certainly a positive sign. He is one of the most respected bookmakers in the Australian gambling industry, and has a proven track record to grow both brick and mortar bookmakers as well as online sportsbooks.

In the past Sullivan was in charge of Sportingbet Australia and Centrebet, where he managed to turn the mentioned two bookmakers into the larges Bookmakers in Australia at the time. Whether Sullivan will be able to do the same with Bluebet bookmaker remains to be seen, since Bluebet is less than 4-months old, at the time of writing!

The good thing for the Bluebet bookmaker brand is the fact that Sullivan is certainly motivated, and he has a clear plan on how he will go about growing the Bluebet brand. Sullivan was recently quoted as saying:

“I really believe these big English bookmakers don’t understand what the Australian punter is after and we will be offering a far more personalized service. Back when we started Sportingbet in Australia in 2002, we really gave punters an experience they hadn’t been exposed to before and we will be servicing all punters in the new business whether they bet in $1 or $100’000”,.

Interpreting the above it seems clear to us that Sullivan will strive to target Australian gamblers, currently making use of UK bookmakers (which is a very large percentage of the Australian online gambling market.) If Sullivan can somehow manage to persuade some of the above punters, to choose the Bluebet bookmaker brand as their go to bookie, they can certainly become a household name among the top Australian bookmakers. Even though Bluebet is still very new, we will put our money on Sullivan’s experience in managing to grow Bluebet into one of the top Australian bookmakers!

Bluebet Bookmaker Review

With history and speculations out of the way, let us examine the Bluebet bookmaker brand, as it currently stands. Here follows the complete Bluebet review:


Having visited Bluebet online bookmaker and thoroughly examined the interface and different features, perhaps the factor that was most noticeable is that Bluebet is trying to keep things as simple as possible. The user-interface is as basic as it comes, and lacks all the “advanced” features offered by many of the big online bookmakers. We think it is fair to say the KISS principle applies to the current Bluebet GUI.

Yet despite the basic user interface, navigating the site is extremely easy with Bluebet making use of a 3-column grid layout. At the left you can find links to popular matches, while towards the bottom you will find links to a number of different sports.

Currently Bluebet bookmaker covers a fairly large number of sports from athletics to surfing and snooker! All popular American sports are covered which you would expect from any reputable bookmaker, including all your usual sports like soccer and tennis.

Despite covering a large number of sports one thing is abruptly clear when you visit Bluebet sportsbook. It is a sportsbook focused towards racing, horseracing and greyhound racing to be specific.


Two of Bluebets’s 3-column layout, on their homepage, is focused towards horse and greyhound racing, along with a link at the top navigation bar especially dedicated to racing.

Sullivan claims he knows what the Australian punter want, while saying and we quote, “these big English bookmakers don’t understand what the Australian punter is after,” unquote. While the latter is certainly a big statement to make perhaps Sullivan is correct in his assessment.

Further research conducted in 2013 by The Economist on Australian punters gambling habit’s, suggest that horse-racing, surpasses sports betting by a whopping 10%. While sports betting is still a $1billion dollar industry, in Australia, horse racing comes in, at more than double with over $2.5 Billion dollars punted on horse racing, during 2013.

Australian online gambling habits

Aussie’s favourite gambling markets

Looking at the above statistics it makes perfect sense for Sullivan to put the emphasis of Bluebet bookmaker on horse and greyhound racing. By doing so he might very well be able to convince Australian punters to convert to Bluebet as their go to Bookmaker.

The above statistics is in stark contrast with UK Bookmakers, where the equation is very much the opposite. In Williamhill’s 2014 end of year report they revealed that sports betting made up 43% of their total turnover. This makes perfect sense since different soccer leagues around Europe, rugby, cricket and American sports are all very popular amongst UK punters. The majority of UK punters favouring sports betting can be seen in the image below, courtesy of Williamhill’s end of year report. However it is worth mentioning that horse and greyhound racing also falls under the category “Sports” in the pie chart below:

Bookmaker favourite markets breakdown

With a large majority of Australian punters preferring horse racing over sports betting, Bluebet does a pretty good job in the horse racing department. Aside from having a quick and easy navigation layout, allowing the user to easily find upcoming horse and greyhound racing events on Bluebets homepage, they also have a dedicated page covering all major horse racing markets allowing users to easily find the event they are after. If the above is not enough Bluebet also provide a blog, with horse racing tips and predictions.

Bluebet bookmaker horseracing

Bluebet horse racing user interface

Considering all of the above Sullivan’s quote ’these big English bookmakers don’t understand what the Australian punter are after’ makes perfect sense especially if you look at the statistics and gambling habits of Aussie punters. Sullivan understands the Australian market and is one of the most respected bookmakers in Australia. With Bluebet, Sullivan certainly offers a large majority of Australian punters “what they want.” In his words. Bluebet is only 8-months old (at the time of writing) but we certainly believe it will grow into a household name.

Bluebet Bonus and Promotions

Other aspects of the Bluebet brand worth mentioning are some of their superb bonus and promotional offers. Bluebet is a new sportsbook trying to get into the Aussie market thus expect a lot more bonus and promotional offers from them throughout 2016.
Current Bluebet bonus and promotional offers from Bluebet includes the following:

  • First Deposit Bonus: Match 1st first deposit of a bonus bet up to $200 dollars:

Bluebet Signup Bonus

  • Protest Payout: Bluebet will pay out if your horse is first and gets beaten in a protest.

bluebet protest payout

  • Best Tote: Get the Best of 3 Totes or SP whichever is better. Available on all Australian thoroughbred races. Every day!
Bluebet tote betting

Bluebet tote betting

By looking at the above bonus and promotional offers, it provides further evidence that Bluebet will aggressively target Aussie punters which prefers horse racing.

Bluebet Odds Comparison

Apart from the above mentioned bonus and promotions, it should be noted that Bluebet offers very competitive odds, when we compared Bluebets odds against other leading bookmakers, Bluebet came out on top in many different sports and markets.

Blue Review – Conclusion

We are of the opinion that Sullivan will manage to convince a large percentage of Aussie punters, currently with UK bookmakers, to switch over to a local bookmaker. Especially those punters interested in Horse and Greyhound racing.
With all things considered Bluebet makes for a good online bookmaker. While Bluebet is still in its infant stage, and a fairly anonymous bookmaker, we expect that to change in 2016. Expect big things to come from Bluebet sportsbook in the near future!
We certainly recommend Bluebet as a bookmaker, why not check them out and decide for yourself?

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$200 Sign Up Bonus
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