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Welcome To The Sport Freak

We are a website devoted to all sports, however we specialise mostly in South African sports while focusing primarily on rugby. With that being said, we also cover international events and the odd cricket, American Football and NBA basketball game, from time to time, amongst a few others of course.

What You Can Expect To Find Here

The primary aim of The Sport Freak is to give our readers the unorthodox view on the world of sport. We try where and when possible to focus the world’s attention on racial discrimination within South Africa’s selection policies “referred to as transformation,” by the South African government, and SA sports governing bodies. Thus, you will find we often run petitions on our website, campaigning against the above.

It is important to note that we are NOT just about petitioning and campaigning against racism in South African sports! We also cover interesting sports stories, give our opinion on certain news articles, provide expert analysis and match previews, while doing player interviews from time to time.

Being obsessed with sports & statistics led to us becoming major sports betting enthusiast, and we are pretty damn successful at it we might add. We have a section on our website where we recommend some of the Top Bookmakers for our users who chooses to engage in some recreational betting, in exchange for a small commision to keep the site functioning, and ensure The Sport Freak remains independant!

The Sport Freak In A Nutshell

We are NOT a sport news website, we are an opinion based sports website, meaning we write opinion based posts – be it on racial discrimination in sports, or giving our opinion on the outcome of a certain match! You will find no political correctness here, we don’t sugarcoat anything we say it like it is, without holding back. The latter is the core fundamental on which The Sport Freak was build.

Enough About Us now, go on and start browsing!

The Sport Freak Team